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The American Perforator Company Story

After several decades of creative research and development, followed by a handful of patents, The American Perforator Company sought and obtained corporation in 1910. Under the guidance and vision of its principle founders, Alfred Day and Walter Lyman, the company established itself at 617-31 W. Jackson Boulevard, on Chicago’s flourishing, industrial near west side. The company engaged in the fabrication of perforation seals to mark documents, postage stamps, checks, and various other papers with distinctive, but unalterable logos and personal signatures. After World War II the American Perforator Company once again set the pace by developing the first portable, electric perforator, the Model 25. Still in use by many companies today, the Model 25 was the forerunner of today’s Model 400. The first heavy-duty, desk-top electric perforator, the Series Model 400 is in extensive use the world over. Used to cancel invoices, validate some documents, invalidate others; the indelible, immutable mark of the perforating method is the basis of this machine’s invaluable place in administrative office operations. Without it, the day-to-day flow of paperwork, so necessary to business and commerce, is at risk of compromise. Today, as it has for years, the Model 400 holds a unique and indispensable position. It stands alone in reputation; unsurpassed in quality, durability and reliability. The American Model 400, hand crafted in the U.S. by people who take pride in their work… and take their work seriously. More could be said, nut we’re confident the Series American Model 400 will speak for itself.


"The Perforating Method"

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